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Det-Tronics Model GP16XX Gas Panel


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Model GP16XX Gas Panel (Spec Sheet: 90-1210) is an economical system package, designed for selected gas detection applications.

  • EQP Controller and components approved to ANSI/ISA12 and 92, FM 3610-6, CSA 22.2, EN60079-29-1.
  • Utilizes Eagle Quantum Premier (EQP)
  • 16 gas detection points available
  • Flexible device communication protocol (LON and/or 4-20 mA)
  • User friendly HMI touch screen
  • User configurable
  • User defined alarm set-points
  • Sounder on panel
  • 24.0 in (60.96 mm) x 24.0 in (60.96 mm) x 6.4in (16.2 mm)
  • Two Low Alarm / Two High Alarm relays offered via the EQP controller

Model GP16XX Gas Panel

Model† # AIM Modules Ship Weight
GP1600 0 26.5 lb (12.0 kg)
GP1610 1 27.5 lb (12.5 kg)
GP1620 2 28.5 lb (13.0 kg)

*Discount does not apply
†Field devices not included


Below is a list of system components that are included or optional in the Model GP16XX Gas
Panel system:

  • EQP Controller – Supports up to 16 points of gas (included)
  • EQ3710 AIM – Analog Input Module (optional, up to qty 2)
  • EQ2220 GFM – Ground Fault Monitor (included)
  • Power Supply – 24 Vdc, 10A (included)


Below is a list of field devices compatible with the Model GP16XX Gas Panel system:

  • PIRECL – PointWatch Eclipse
  • UD10-DCU – FlexVu Universal Display
  • Any 4-20 mA Device (via Analog Input Module)


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