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Oil States Industries

Oil States Industries

PE-Energy is a distributor of the following Oil States well servicing products:

Oil States products for the Oil and Gas Industry

Today’s Oil & Gas projects are complex and challenging. They demand tools that meet strict safety and performance requirements. Oil State Industries manufactures a wide range of high-quality drilling products. 

Its innovative oil well tools such as swab cups, oil saver rubbers and sucker rod guides are suitable for various uses. PE Energy offers various Oil States products including oil well swab cups, sucker rod guides, oil saver rubbers, regal swab cups and packer cups.

Oil States Industries

Strengths of Oil States - Oil and Gas Industry

Oil States Industries’ products are designed to meet the needs of modern oil and gas projects. Secondly, these tools are specially designed to withstand the harsh conditions of today’s oil wells and industries.

The design and construction of Oil States swab cups, oil saver rubbers, oil packer cups and sucker rod guides enable them to withstand extreme temperatures and high pressure. In addition, these oil tools offer high resistance to wear and tear, maximum durability and come in a wide range of sizes.

Oil States Industries

Buying Oil States swab cups and oil saver rubbers

PE Energy offers a broad array of products including swab cups, swab mandrels, oil saver rubbers, pipe wipers, rope sockets, sucker rod guides, and tubing test cups. offered in variety of sizes manufactured by Oil State Industries’ products.

As a leading supplier of oil and gas tools, we offer a broad range of products. Whether you are looking for Oil State swab cups, oil saver rubbers, or sucker rod guides, PE Energy has top-notch tools for your drilling project. 

Are you looking for durable, abrasion resistant and high-performance products for your oil and gas project? If your answer is yes, then contact PE Energy today.

PE Energy is an authorized Oil States distributor offering the full range of Oil States productsContact us for a custom quote.