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Oil States Rod Stripper Rubbers

Rod Stripper Rubbers – Excellent Service Life

Oil State Industries Rod Stripper Rubbers efficiently remove oil and other fluids from the rod string being pulled from the well. The special abrasion and wear-resistant rubber compound used in the stripper rubbers assures maximum product service life.

Stripper Rubbers

Part Number Type Size
BRS-FINGER E.E. Stripper 5/8” – 1”
RS-5350 E.E. Stripper All Rod Sizes
RS-5058 BJ Praetet 5/8” Rod
RS-5034 BJ Praetet 3/4” Rod
RS-5078 BJ Praetet 7/8” Rod
RS-5100 BJ Praetet 1” Rod
RS-Pigtail BJ “Pigtail” All Rod Sizes
BRS Rod Stripper Rubber
“BRS” Rod Stripper Rubber
BJ Type Rod Stripper
BJ Type Rod Stripper

BJ Wireline Wiper

Part Number Oil Saver Type Wireline Size
OSBJ BJ Stipple 1/2” – 7/8”
OSBJ-1/4 BJ Stipple 1/4” – 5/8”
OSBJ Wireline Wiper
BJ Wireline Wiper

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