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Slide Sledge

Slide Sledge is a family owned business located in Missoula, Montana. Its roots began with a hand-tool manufacturing company in Dewitt, Nebraska for vise-grip wrenches that was established in 1924. Slide Sledge’s unique linear impact design provides the safest sledgehammer on the market today.

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Multi-Head Hammer


The Multi-Head Hammer is the most popular hammer. Multi-Head Hammers come in four different sizes; all are heavy-duty sliding hammers that use linear motion to deliver precise blows to impact surfaces. The powerful Multi-Head Hammers reduce dangerous, time-consuming hammer and chisel jobs to a one man, one tool operation. A multitude of quick-change tips are available for these hammers to make your job easier.

Precision Hammer


The red Precision Hammer is a compact tool that meets small hammering needs. It is popular in a variety of industries, but especially the railroad industry due to its size and unique design.

Pull Hammer


The Pull Hammer replaces unsafe slap hammers and other pulling devices. A 5 Pound Handle Weight can also be added to this heavy-duty hammer for extra pulling force.

Replacement Parts


An exploded hammer is displayed to assist you in ordering replacement parts for your Multi-Head Hammer.

Tips and Accessories


Tips can be quickly and easily switched out on the end of all four yellow Multi-Head Hammers. They can do over 40 job-specific tasks.

Heavy Equipment Kits


The Military Mechanical Kit offers users a kit to maintain and repair heavy equipment and military vehicles. The Military Pin Driver Kit provides with a kit that can hammer pin drivers, bucket teeth, and scarifier teeth. Both the Military Mechanical Kit and Military Pin Driver Kit come in heavy-duty, water-tight, custom cut foam Pelican cases (these cases are also sold separately). The Heavy Equipment Master Kit is great for shop mechanics working on a wide variety of equipment who use all four Multi-Head Hammers and our most popular tips. The Cotter Pin Removal Kit is designed for the railroad industry and includes the tools necessary to remove cotter keys.

Wall Mounts & Displays


Slide Sledge’s wall mounts and floor displays offer a useful display option for their Slide Sledge Multi-Head Hammers and Tips. These displays give users a place to store 25 of our most frequently used tips and all four yellow Multi-Head Hammers. The wall and floor displays are also sold separately without the Heavy Equipment Kit.