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Lubchem Inc is a leading manufacturer of high performance industrial lubricants, sealants, valve cleaners and equipment. The company offers products that are suitable for a broad array of industrial applications. Lubchem products are specially designed for use in a broad range of industries including refining, petrochemical and oilfield industries.

Lubchem Lubricants, Sealants and Cleaners

Lubchem Inc has a long history of providing industries with high performance valve grease, valve sealants and valve cleaners. Lubchem Everlast lubricants are formulated to deliver the performance demanded in today’s industrial environments. The special formulation of every Lubchem grease makes it suitable for  valves that carry a broad range of industrial  fluids.

Every Lubchem sealant is formulated to meet the performance demands of modern industries. Whether you are looking for a high performance co2 sealant, gasoline sealant, steam sealant, gas resistant sealant or any other valve lube sealant, Lubchem has a suitable sealant for your equipment. Lubchem sealants are ideal for sealing gates that handle a variety of fluids including gas, water, ammonia, glycerin, solvents, and hydrocarbon vapors. 

Lubchem’s valve stem cleaner and valve seat cleaner are specially designed to remove tough deposits of grease, salts, paraffin and other debris from metal surfaces. The formulation of Lubchem valve flush cleaners enables them to clean hardened lubricants and sealants from valve surfaces quickly and easily.

Like other Lubchem Inc lubricants, Lubchem grease is formulated for use on a broad array of industrial components including seals, balls, rollers, bearings, O-rings and sheathed cables. Lubchem grease comes in a variety of types to meet the diverse lubrication needs of today’s industries.

Lubchem Wireline Products

Apart from conventional Everlast lubricants, Lubchem sealant and Lubchem grease, Lubchem Inc also offers a broad array of high performance wireline lubricants. The formulation of Lubchem wireline grease makes it ideal for the most demanding wireline applications.

Lubchem Equipment

Lubchem Equipment

Lubchem Inc offers a variety of high quality equipment that are engineered to meet the diverse needs of today’s industries. These high performance products include Lubchem grease pump, air operated lube pumps, hand operated hand pumps, natural gas valve grease gun, valve lubrication fittings and valve lubrication equipment.

PE-Energy is one of the authorized Lubchem distributors and offers a broad range of Lubchem Everlast lubricants, sealants and greases. 

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