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Secure Cables More Effectively with the IndustrialHD APC Clamps

Different types of power and data cables are used in today’s oil and gas installations. These cables are secured to their supporting structures using special clamps to ensure maximum reliability and safety. Much like other parts and accessories, clamps for use in drilling rigs are expected to meet the stringent requirements of the oil and … Read more

NOV Hydraulic Hose Swivels PE Crossover API6A

Hydraulic hose swivels are widely used in today’s industries for making connections between hoses. Quality, performance, and reliability are some of the key considerations when selecting a high pressure swivel for a particular application. High pressure swivels for use in safety critical systems such as oil and gas installations are expected to meet stringent performance … Read more

Service Your Petrochemical Plant with Jet-Lube 550 and Jet-Lube 550 Extreme

Modern petrochemical plants are expected to deliver better performance as compared to their predecessors. Jet-Lube 550 and Jet-Lube 550 Extreme are specially formulated to meet the maintenance needs of today’s petrochemical plants. These non-metallic anti-seize compounds are suitable for a wide range of materials including steel, aluminium, cast iron, copper, brass, alloys, and plastic. Jet-Lube … Read more

Protect the Connections of Your Drilling Tools with Jetlube Kopr-Kote Oilfield

Drilling pipes, collars, and other downhole tools are usually exposed to harsh drilling conditions. In a typical drilling environment, these tools are subjected to excessive torques, severe vibrations, and other conditions that can damage connections. These conditions can result in galling, seizure, or downhole joint makeup. Jetlube Kopr-Kote Oilfield is a copper-based drilling compound that … Read more

Improving Industrial Workplace Safety

Three out of every five on-site incidents in the oil and gas extraction industry are caused by “struck by/caught-in/caught-between hazards (OSHA 2018).” This is an alarming statistic when you are considering that these incidents can be prevented. Below are some ways you can protect your employees from becoming another statistic. TAGLINES OSHA requires the use … Read more

What Are The Kinds of Bearing and Their Uses?

Generally speaking, bearing is a device or a machine element that is widely used to support other moving machine elements to enable rotational movement. It enables the machines to carry remarkable loads with ease and offer high reliability and durability. Bearings are the most important part of every machine that facilitate devices to roll while … Read more

The Ball Valve

The stainless steel ball valve is a relatively new invention, but its roots go way back to the 1950s, when this most vital of components became available for purchasing and procurement by companies. This particular invention has changed the way we manage oil procurement and oil management, and it has a big part to play … Read more

Finding Oil

Finding oil that we can use in our every day lives is not a simple process. There are a lot of things that need to be in place if we are to get the best end product. Most of this relies upon having the right equipment in place at the start, when the drilling takes … Read more

Oil for Investment

Oil and gas have always been hot commodities for companies that want to have an investment that stays afloat for years and years. It is hard to find any other truly ‘bulletproof’ investment opportunities, simply due to the fact that we rely on oil, for so many aspects of our lives. The method of getting … Read more