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Friction Modifiers

Whitmore PF35 Friction Modifiers

PF 35™

PF- 35 is a top of rail oil designed to provide consistent friction at the wheel-rail interface. Created for hump yards, it substantially reduces noise and wear, ensures that cars roll freely and prevents stop-shorts. This oil contains no solvents, water or metallic additives and will not corrode holding tanks, pumps or other applicator components.

  • Product: PF 35™
  • Type: Top of Rail Oil
  • Grade: Regular, All-Season
  • Base material: White Mineral Oil
  • Packaging: Pails, Kegs, Nonreturnable Toes
Whitmore RailGuard Friction Modifiers


RailGuard™ was specifically designed for application to the top of the rail. It effectively brings the friction coefficient into the ideal range, reducing noise and wear.

  • Product: RailGuard™
  • Type: Friction Modifier
  • Grade: Heavy
  • Base material: Friction modifying gel
  • Packaging: Pails w/Liners
Whitmore TOR Armor Friction Modifiers

TOR Armor®

TOR Armor® is a revolutionary top of rail friction modifier specifically designed to provide optimum friction at the wheel-rail interface, substantially reducing noise, wear and lateral forces. High lateral forces lead to loosened tie plates and fasteners and can result in low rail rollover; TOR Armor greatly reduces lateral creep, and when wheel creep occurs, it immediately increases positive friction, reducing the creep condition and returning the wheels to a healthy rolling motion. The result is a substantial reduction in vibrations, corrugations and high-frequency squealing. While TOR Armor is engineered for use on heavy haul freight and transit rail applications, it also acts as a lubricant during normal rolling.

  • Product: TOR Armor®
  • Type: Friction Modifier
  • Grade: All Season
  • Packaging: Pails, Kegs, Drums, Nonreturnable Totes
Whitmore TSFM - Tread Stick Friction Modifiers

Whitmore® TSFM - Tread Stick Friction Modifier

During normal rolling, TSFM - Tread Stick Friction Modifier acts as a lubricant. However, when wheel creep occurs, the sliding friction immediately converts to “positive friction,” reaching a friction level of approximately 0.18 - 0.42 between the wheel tread and top of rail. This consequently controls the creep condition and returns the wheels to a healthy rolling motion.

The result is a substantial reduction in creep forces, which reduces corrugations and high-frequency squealing. Standard consumption is approximately 1 inch (25mm) per 2500 miles (4000km).

  • Product: Whitmore® TSFM - Tread Stick Friction Modifier

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