Whitmore Lubricants

Keep your equipment running and lasting longer with Whitmore's extensive range of high-performance lubricants.

Protect wire ropes, cables, springs and chains agains corrosion and rust with a wide range of lubricants.

Medallion Synthetic Air Compressor Oils are NSF Registered for H-1 and formulated using the finest PAO (polyalphaolefin) base stocks available. These oils impart excellent resistance to oxidation demanded by the sophisticated air systems manufactured today. Medallion Synthetic Air Compressor Oils provide outstanding high temperature stability, longer rain intervals and clean operation of equipment.

The most robust, lithium-based, bearing grease in the Whitmore lubricant line. This extreme pressure grease is designed for heavy duty applications. Whitmore recommends this product where the most severe, high and shock loads are encountered. Ideal for warm climates.    

These oils contain anti-wear additives to protect metal surfaces and reduce downtime due to component failure. These are appropriate for worm gear drives, oiled bearings, couplings and parallel-shaft gearboxes. Medallion FM Gear Oils are NSF Registered for H-1 and Kosher Approved enclosed gearbox oil for use in food machinery.    

Specifically designed for application to the top of the rail. It effectively brings the friction coefficient into the ideal range, reducing noise and wear.

Enclosed gear oils have been formulated to meet the unique demands of heavily loaded, industrial gearing systems. These oils contain molybdenum disulfide, a colloidal lubricant which provides extreme pressure protection under severe load and shock load.    

These zinc-free, anti-wear, hydraulic oils meet the needs of today's high precision hydraulic systems, turbines and air compressors. These oils bring together several developments in both base oil and additive technology to create a true multifunctional product. 

Whitmore's toughest lubricant recommended for use on draglines and shovels. This lubricant contains a high molecular weight polymer that resists drying, oxidation, and thermal decomposition. It does not emulsify in water, making it ideal for components exposed to rain, ice and snow, and in many areas, a single grade can be used year-round.

BioRail® EP and LF biodegradable rail curve lubricants, prove that you don't have to compromise performance in order to be environmentally responsible. BioRail has proven itself, not only in the laboratory, but where it counts - on the rail. Its stable chemistry ensures that it pumps in the coldest climates and stands up at the wiping bar in all weather conditions. This lubricant provides outstanding gauge-face lubrication on rail curves.