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Spectrex 20/20MPI Commercial IR3 Flame Detector

Part Number: 20/20MPI

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With its lightweight housing and low power consumption, the 20/20MPI provides a cost effective solution, specially suited to indoor applications such as transport terminals, storage areas, industrial kitchens and historical and cultural sites with large open areas, providing an efficient alternative smoke and heat detectors often prove to be ineffective.

The 20/20MPI is a compact, lightweight, high performance IR3 detector with a new design for retail use based on industrially proven IR3 technology. The 20/20MPI retains all the benefits of IR3 technology, including long distance detection and the highest immunity to false alarms.

Main Features

  • Long distance Flame Detection (up to 140ft / 43m)
  • Large Field of View (100° horizontal / 90° vertical)
  • Highest immunity to false alarms
  • Output options (two models):
    – Alarm and Fault relay outputs (4 wire)
    – Stepped mA output (3 wire source)
  • RS-485 Modbus Compatible
  • Automatic and Manual Built-In-Test (BIT)
  • 3 Year Warranty


Airport terminals situated in dense cities often have large halls, accompanied by retail, food and beverage outlets, each with their fire risks, which don’t have full fire protection coverage. With the structure’s size and complex design, fires are often difficult to detect and larger fires are less common due to the large air intake.

Train stations and terminals often have large atria containing food and beverage outlets which have large air intake and often have little fire protection coverage. Additionally, within these areas, electricity and fuel are present, increasing the chances of ignition.

A wide range of substances are stored within open or closed storage facilities, part of which can be dangerous or flammable, creating a greater fire hazard than usual.

A large amount of paper work collecting dust poses potential fire hazards that require monitoring.

With over 1,000 fire events taking place annually within the retail industry, it is imperative that the large open areas with high ceilings found in shopping malls have full fire protection coverage in order to avoid damage to assets and personnel.

Hospitals consist of large open spaces and confined rooms, all of which contain a wide variety of contents that pose hazards. Cooking and heating equipment, as well as electrical distribution, lighting and medical equipment such as oxygen tanks are found throughout hospital buildings and are all potential fire risks which should be protected against.

Areas intended for vehicle storage or maintenance contain large amounts of fuel and fumes within an enclosed space, posing a fire hazard that must be monitored.

Public buildings often house governmental offices and more, requiring excellent fire protection in order to prevent damage to assets and personnel in any potential fire.

Banks and offices face common fire hazards with large open areas, coupled with large amounts of paperwork and a large volume of people constantly passing through.

Historical, cultural or national sites often contain irreplaceable assets, alongside flammable materials. A fire within these areas which were not designed with safety in mind would cause irreversible damage.

Large open floor areas with high roofs provide a suitable area for aircraft storage and repair. However, the large quantities of liquid jet fuel and risk of spill, coupled with maintenance activities provide potential ignition sources which is complicated by aircraft wing obstructions.

Cable tunnels play an essential role in every industrial company. Any fire damage to the cables puts entire production areas out of action. As the cable tunnel environment deteriorates with time, cable insulation performance decreases, leaving an increased heating value and greater risk of tunnel fires and detection of these fires is essential in order to prevent further damage.

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