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Det-Tronics Power Supply

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Power Supply (Spec Sheet: 90-1134). Six approved power supply options are available:

  • 10 Amp / 60HZ (EQ2110PS)*
  • 30 Amp / 60HZ (EQ2130PS)*
  • 75 Amp / 60HZ (EQ2175PS)*
  • 10 Amp / 50HZ (EQ2111PS)*
  • 30 Amp / 50HZ (EQ2131PS)*
  • 75 Amp / 50HZ (EQ2176PS)*

*Requires the use of the Det-Tronics Power Supply Monitor, detailed below.

Model* Part Number Description Ship Weight
EQ2110PS 000604-013 10A 120VAC 60HZ 50 lb (25.0 kg)
EQ2130PS 000604-014 30A 120/208/220 60HZ 115 lb (57.5 kg)
EQ2175PS 000604-015 75A 120/208/220 60HZ 150 lb (75.0 kg)
EQ2111PS 000604-034 10A 220/240VAC 50HZ 50 lb (25.0 kg)
EQ2131PS 000604-035 30A 220/240VAC 50HZ 115 lb (57.5 kg)
EQ2176PS 000604-036 75A 220/240VAC 50HZ 150 lb (75.0 kg)

*Requires use of EQ2100PSM Power Supply Monitor

Power Supply Wall Mount Bracket
Painted steel wall mount bracket for use with EQ21xxPS series power supplies / battery chargers.

EQ2100PSM Power Supply Monitor (Spec Sheet: 90-1134) is used in conjunction with any of the EQ21XX (p/n 000604-XXX) power supplies and backup batteries to provide an approved source of power for the Eagle Quantum Premier system. Since the power supply monitor resides on the communication loop (LON), any trouble condition related to system power will immediately be reported to the Operator Interface Station through the Local Control Unit. Status conditions being monitored include power supply failure, loss of AC power, loss of battery power, power ground fault, AC voltage, DC voltage, and battery changing current levels.

  • Supports ANSI/NFPA 72 Class X communication
  • Monitors primary AC supply and battery integrity
  • Compatible with 10, 30 and 75 amp output power supplies
  • Field addressable
  • FM approved and CSA Certified for use in Eagle Quantum
  • Feet for panel mounting


Power Supply Monitor (For use with EQ21XX power supplies)

Model Part Number Description Ship Weight
EQ2100PSM 006979-001 Power Supply Monitor 5 lb (2.3 kg)

*Enclosure not included


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