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Det-Tronics Explosion-proof Input Output Module


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EQ3770EIO (Manual: 95-8761)The Eagle Quantum Premier EQ3770 EIO Input/Output module for hazardous locations provides an economic solution for field mounted systems and devices. The EIO can be used with most EQ37XX devices, and can be combined with an onboard ground fault monitor.

The enclosure can be configured to house various Eagle Quantum Premier 8 channel IO modules. They are intended for use in hazardous locations, with certifications that include Class I, Division 1 per the National Electrical Code, and Zone 1 per EN/IEC60079-1.

EQ3770 EIO

Description Part Number Material Treads Window Div/Zone
EQ3770EIO 000520-051 AL 8-NPT X X
EQ3770EIO 000520-052 AL 8-NPT X X X
EQ3770EIO 000520-053 AL 8-Metric X X
EQ3770EIO 000520-054 AL 8-Metric X X X



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