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Det-Tronics EQP21XXPS Power Supplies


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EQP21XXPS Power Supplies can be used as singular or duplex. The power supply is available in a DIN rail mount or panel mount configuration for ease of mounting. Power supplies should be sized to approximately 50% of the power draw requirement or to local code requirements.

EQP21XX Power Supply

Model Part Number Description Ship Weight
EQP2120PS-B 010988-001* EQP2120PS-B 20A 120/220V PANEL 3.7 lb (1.7 kg)
EQP2120PS 010988-002 EQP2120PS 20A 120/220V DIN 3.7 lb (1.7 kg)
EQP2110PS-P 010985-001* EQP2110PS-P 10A 120/220V, PANEL 2.9 lb (1.3 kg)
EQP2110PS 010985-002 EQP2110PS 10A 120/220V, DIN 2.9 lb (1.3 kg)

*For FM/USCG approved system


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