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EQP21XXPS Power Supplies are used in pairs where the primary source of input supply is connected to one and the secondary source is connected to the other. A maximum of eight power supplies operated in parallel can be connected to each input supply. Both the primary and secondary sets must be individually capable of operating the system without the other supply. The secondary source is required to be continuously powered.

EQP21XX Power Supply

Model Part Number Description Ship Weight
EQP2120PS-B 010988-001* EQP2120PS-B 20A 120/220V PANEL 3.7 lb (1.7 kg)
EQP2120PS  010988-002 EQP2120PS 20A 120/220V DIN 3.7 lb (1.7 kg)

*For FM/USCG approved system


EQP2410 Converter serves as a DC voltage regulator for the secondary/back-up power supply source. It converts grounded DC input source into floating DC output power for ground fault monitoring capability.

EQP2410 Converter

Model Part Number Description Ship Weight
EQP2410PS-P 010892-001* 10A 24VDC CONVERTER, PANEL 2.7 lb (1.2 kg)
EQP2410PS 010892-002 10A 24VDC CONVERTER, DIN 2.7 lb (1.2 kg)

*For FM/USCG approved system


Diode Module

Model Part Number Description Ship Weight
N/A 009934-001* DIODE REDUNDANCY MOD W/MTG BKT 2.0 lb (0.90 kg)
N/A 009934-002 DIODE REDUNDANCY MOD DIN RAIL 2.0 lb (0.90 kg)

*For FM/USCG approved system


EQ2220GFM Ground Fault Monitor (Spec Sheet: 90-1134) provides ground fault monitoring in a system that includes reliable dual isolated 24 Vdc power. The output from the ground fault monitor is a contact closure in the presence of a ground fault. The ground fault monitor is DIN rail mountable and is intended to be mounted in the same enclosure as the controller.

Ground Fault Monitor (For use with power supplies above)

Model Part Number Description Ship Weight
EQ2220GFM 007941-001 Ground Fault Monitor 0.5 lb (0.2 kg)
EQ2220GFMR 007941-901 Ground Fault Monitor 0.5 lb (0.2 kg)



EQ3900RPS (Manual: 95-8745) The EQ3900RPS Remote Power Supply is an industrial power supply that accepts two independent AC inputs and produces 24 Vdc with up to 18 amperes output current. The EQ3900RPS remote power supply can be configured with various numbers of 24 Vdc power outputs, fuse monitoring, and status indicators. There are two designs for the EQ3900RPS depending upon where they will be located. One model is intended for use in hazardous locations, with certification for Class I, Division 1 and Class I, Division 2 per the National Electrical Code, and one model for ordinary locations.


EQ3900RPS Remote LON-based Power Supply


E Explosion-proof (Class I, Division 1)
G Ordinary Location


1 1 24Vdc Power Output (18 Amp Fuses)
2 2 24Vdc Power Outputs (9 Amp Fuses)
3 3 24Vdc Power Outputs (6 Amp Fuses)


0 0 Fuse Monitoring
1 1 Fuse Monitoring (Power Outputs: #1)
2 2 Fuse Monitoring (Power Outputs: #1& #2)
3 3 Fuse Monitoring (Power Outputs: #1,#2,& #3)


TYPE INDICATIONS (More than one can be chosen) (Notes 3 & 5)
N No Indicator or Operator
A Power Present Indicator
B Power Trouble Indicator
C Ground Fault Indicator
D Ground Fault Test Operator


N No Window
W Window

1. Maximum total current draw = 18 amperes. All power outputs have same fuse rating.
2. Fuse monitoring by EQP only. No local indication.
3. Consult factory if other configuration are desired.
4. Consult factory for size and number of conduit entries.
5. No ingress rating if operators are included.

EQ3900 RPS Power Supply

Description Part Number Material Entries Div 1 Class 1 FM/CSA
EQ3900RPS 000525-XXX AL Up to 12 X X
EQ3900RPS 000525-XXX SS Up to 12 X


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