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Det-Tronics EQ3760 Addressable Smoke Module

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The EQP Addressable Smoke Module (Spec Sheet: 90-1226) is designed to expand the input and output capability of the Det-Tronics EQP system.

The ASM is an interface device designed to provide continuous and automated fire protection. It ensures system operation through continuous supervision of system inputs/outputs and Local Operating Network/Signaling Line Circuit (LON/SLC) monitoring in the controller.

The ASM is located directly on the LON of the EQP system, with a loop of up to 100 addressable devices tied into the ASM. This allows the EQP controller to annunciate a fire alarm from either its own LON based I/O or from the ASM connected addressable smoke and heat detection loops.

System status can be determined using the troubleshooting procedures, Eagle Quantum Safety System Software (S3), and the status indicators on the module.

  • Expands the capabilities of the Det-Tronics EQP system
  • Class 1 Div. 2 locations combined with Zone 2 rated devices Type N
  • SIL 2 Capable certification
  • Provides power and communications to 100 addressable devices
  • Uses Apollo Discovery and XP95 smoke and heat detectors
  • ASM alarm and fault status are logged in the EQP controller
  • LEDs for easy annunciation of power, faults and an active device on the loop
  • Monitors single addressable devices
  • Provides remote I/O capabilities via LON/SLC
  • DIN rail or panel mounting
  • Plug-in wiring connectors
  • RFI and EMI hardened
  • Smoke detectors are globally approved (see product data sheets)
  • Option Intrinsically Safe detectors

EQ3760 ASM Model Matrix

EQ3760 Addressable Smoke Module (ASM)


D DIN Rail
P Panel




EQ3760 ASM Module

Model Part Number Material FM/CSA/ATEX/IECEx Ship Weight
EQ3760DT 014050-001 AL X 3 lb (1.4 kg)
EQ3760PT 014050-002 AL X 3 lb (1.4 kg)


Devices for EQ3760 ASM Module

Model Part Number Material
APOLLO IONIZATION SMOKE, EU 000515-501 58000-500
APOLLO OPTICAL SMOKE, EU 000515-502 58000-600
APOLLO HEAT DETECTOR, EU 000515-503 58000-400
APOLLO MULTISENSOR, EU 000515-504 58000-700
APOLLO CO DETECTOR, EU 000515-505 58000-300
APOLLO ISOLATING BASE 000515-507 45681-284
APOLLO I/O UNIT W/ ISOLATOR 000515-509 55000-847
APOLLO SOUNDER CONTROL UNIT 000515-510 55000-852
APOLLO SWITCH MONITOR PLUS 000515-511 55000-841
APOLLO MANUAL CALL W/ISOLATOR 000515-512 58100-908
APOLLO MANUAL CALL, W/ISO,IP66 000515-513 58100-951
APOLLO MANUAL CALL COVER 000515-514 26729-152
APOLLO SOUNDER, 100DB, RED 000515-515 55000-278
APOLLO SOUNDER,100DB,RED,IP66 000515-516 55000-274
APOLLO BEACON,RED 000515-517 55000-877
APOLLO SOUNDER/BEACON, W/ISO 000515-518 55000-293
APOLLO BLANK ADDRESS CARD 000515-521 38531-771
APOLLO IONIZATION SMOKE, NA 000515-551 58000-550
APOLLO OPTICAL SMOKE, NA 000515-552 58000-650
APOLLO HEAT DETECTOR, NA 000515-553 58000-450
APOLLO MULTISENSOR, NA 000515-554 58000-750
APOLLO MOUNTING BASE 4″,NA 000515-555 45681-210USA
APOLLO MOUNTING BASE 6″,NA 000515-556 45681-225USA
APOLLO ISOLATOR, NA 000515-557 55000-750
APOLLO ISOLATOR BASE, NA 000515-558 45681-211USA
APOLLO SOUNDER CONTROL MOD,NA 000515-560 55000-825
APOLLO I/O MODULE, NA 000515-561 55000-820
APOLLO MINI MONITOR MOD, NA 000515-562 55000-765

EU = European Approvals
NA = North American Approvals
NOTE: Average lead time is 4 weeks. For additional options please consult the factory.

Compatibility list of products for ASM

Description Part Number Apollo Part #
Apollo Heat Detector 000515-XXX 5800-400
Apollo Heat Detector, EU Marine 000515-611 58000-400MAR
Apollo Heat, IS ** 000515-585 55000-440
Apollo Heat Detector, SIL2 000515-XXX 58000-400SIL
Apollo Heat Detector, FM 000515-553 58000-450
Apollo Ionization Smoke, EU 000515-501 58000-500
Apollo Ionization Smoke, Marine 000515-XXX 58000-500MAR
Apollo Smoke, EU Marine Optical 000515-XXX 58000-600MAR
Apollo Smoke, SIL2 Optical 000515-645 58000-600SIL
Apollo Ionization Smoke, IS ** 000515-XXX 58000-540
Apollo Smoke, IS Optical ** 000515-XXX 58000-640
Apollo Ionization Smoke, FM 000515-551 58000-550
Apollo Optical Smoke Detector, FM 000515-552 58000-650
Apollo Duct Smoke Det. Base EU 000515-550 53546-022
Apollo Multisensor, EU Marine 000515-XXX 58000-700MAR
Apollo Multisensor, EU 000515-504 58000-700
Apollo Multisensor, SIL2 000515-637 58000-700SIL
Apollo Multisensor, FM 000515-554 58000-750
Apollo Carbon Monoxide Detector, EU 000515-505 58000-300
Apollo Input / Output Unit, with Isolator 000515-509 55000-847
Apollo Manual Call, with Isolator 000515-512 58100-908
Apollo Manual Call, with Isolator, IP66 000515-513 58100-951
Apollo Beacon, Red 000515-517 55000-877
Apollo Isolator, FM 000515-557 55000-750
Apollo XP95A Priority Switch Monitor, FM 000515-559 55000-806
Apollo XP95A Sounder Control Module, FM 000515-560 55000-825
Apollo XP95A Input / Output Module, FM 000515-561 55000-820
Apollo Mounting Base, Marine 000515-XXX 45681-210MAR
Apollo Mounting Base, IS 000515-586 45681-215
Apollo Isolator Base, Marine 000515-XXX 45681-211MAR
Apollo Relay Base, EU 000515-XXX 45681-242
Apollo Manual Call Point, Standard, Non-Isolated, Waterproof, IS ** 000515-581 55000-940
Apollo Manual Call Point, Break Glass, Non-Isolated, Waterproof IS ** 000515-677 55000-960
Apollo Manual Call Point, Push Button, Non-Isolated, Waterproof, IS ** 000515-617 55000-970
Apollo Manual Call, Standard, Non-Isolated, Non-Waterproof, EU 000515-XXX 55200-910
Apollo Manual Call, Standard, Non-Isolated, Waterproof, EU 000515-XXX 55200-950
Apollo Manual Call, Standard, Isolated, Waterproof, Marine 000515-XXX 58200-971MAR
Apollo Manual Call, Standard, Isolated, Non-Waterproof, SIL2 000515-XXX 58200-908SIL
Apollo Remote Led 1 Gang Red 000116-180 53832-070
Apollo Sounder Control Unit 000515-510 55000-852
Apollo Sounder, 100dB, Red 000515-515 55000-278
Apollo Sounder / Beacon, with Isolator 000515-518 55000-293
Apollo Sounder, 100dB, Red, IP66 000515-516 55000-274
Apollo Sounder XP95a, Isolated, Non-Weatherproof, UL 000515-XXX 55000-041
Apollo Sounder Beacon Discovery, Non-Isolated, Non-Weatherproof, EU 000515-XXX 58000-005
Apollo Sounder Beacon XP95, Isolated, Waterproof, EU 000515-520 55000-298
Apollo Sounder Beacon Discovery, Non-Isolated, Weatherproof, Marine 000515-XXX 55000-374MAR
Apollo Sounder Beacon Discovery, Non-Isolated, Weatherproof, UL 000515-XXX 58000-011
Apollo Sounder Beacon Discovery, Isolated, Weatherproof, Marine 000515-XXX 55000-398MAR
Apollo Sounder Control, Din Rail, EU 000515-XXX 55000-182
Apollo Sounder Control, Din Rail, Marine 000515-XXX 55000-181MAR
Apollo I/O, Din Rail, EU 000515-576 55000-803
Apollo I/O, Din Rail, Marine 000515-XXX 55000-774MAR
Apollo 3 Channel I/O, Standard, EU 000515-XXX 55000-588
Apollo I/O, Standard, SIL2 000515-XXX 55000-847SIL
Apollo Relay Output, Din Rail, EU 000515-XXX 55000-804
Apollo Relay Output, Din Rail, Marine 000515-XXX 55000-771MAR
Apollo Switch Monitor Plus 000515-511 55000-841
Apollo Switch Monitor, Din Rail, EU 000515-675 55000-822
Apollo Switch Monitor Plus, Din Rail, Marine 000515-XXX 55000-772MAR
Apollo Mini Switch Monitor, Mini, Marine 000515-XXX 55000-775MAR
Apollo Zone Monitor, Standard, Eu 000515-XXX 55000-845
Apollo Zone Monitor, Din Rail, Eu 000515-575 55000-812
Apollo Zone Monitor, Din Rail, Marine 000515-XXX 55000-773MAR
Apollo Vac I/O, Standard, FM 000515-XXX 55000-859
Apollo Is Protocol Translator, Sgl ** 000515-582 55000-855
Apollo Is Protocol Translator, Dbl ** 000515-583 55000-856
Apollo Is Galvanic Barrier ** 000515-XXX 29600-098
Apollo Isolator, Marine 000515-XXX 55000-721MAR
Apollo Mini Monitor Module, NA or Apollo Priority Mini Switch Monitor, FM 000515-562 55000-765*

The device type depends on the priority switch setting on the device. ** Not FM approved as non-interfering
FM = FM Approved
EU = European Approvals


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