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Whitmore’s 1001 spray is a multipurpose penetrating lubricant in an easy to use non-aerosol package.

Designed for a wide variety of uses, Whitmore’s 1001 can be used on wire ropes, cables, chains, and springs as well as most general maintenance applications.

Whitmore’s 1001 is an excellent penetrant, loosening rusted or corroded nuts and bolts, leaving a thin film of protective oil to reduce any additional metal oxidation.

The unique packaging design of 1001 allows the product to be sprayed in any position, making it the ideal choice for hard-toreach places.

Formulated with environmentally friendly additives, 1001 contains no propellants, is nonflammable, noncorrosive, and is classified as TCLP-SAFE.


  • CORROSION INHIBITED – protects against rust and corrosion.
  • DISPLACES MOISTURE – leaves a protective coating of light oil.
  • PENETRATES AND LUBRICATES – minimizes breaking of bolts and stripping of threads.
  • GUARDS AGAINST WEAR – extends parts life.


1001 Multipurpose Lubricant is an all-purpose, light, penetrating oil which is ideal for applications in general maintenance such as chains, wire ropes, cables, loosening rusted or corroded nuts and bolts, stopping squeaks, and lubricating pins, valves, and hinges

Size and Type Container: CS

Weight: 16 LBS



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