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TLD125 – 25ft Tagline Redtail Coated No Tangle with Snaphook



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Tagline, Redtail Coated No Tangle w/ Snaphook 25ft

Taglines are specially designed to be a safe alternative to ineffective and hazardous rope. When a crane lifts an object, it can swing into objects around it, into power lines or, by swinging, create hazards to personnel on the ground. Taglines, attached to the load, allow ground personnel to pivot the load as it swings on the crane’s hook, so that it doesn’t collide with objects around it.

Using taglines can eliminate potential hand injuries and unnecessary delays created by out-of-control loads during lifting and moving. The taglines are tangle resistant and knot free and feature a high visibility coating to repel corrosive material and be seen in low light situations. They always retain their shape and are easily rolled up for storage.


  • High visibility orange coated end for easy safe grip and low light applications
  • ANSI standard rebar gate hook rated to 5000lbs
  • Quick attach and release
  • High visibility, impact-resistant nylon casing
  • Excellent control
  • No knots, tangles or cut-o s
  • No rope burns
  • No trip hazard or risk of being dragged
  • Flexible for easy line storage