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Stiffy™ SHT2 72″ Hand Tool


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The Stiffy Hand Safety Tool™ saves fingers, hands, and arms by avoiding pinch points and crunch points.

  • It provides real solutions for a safer working environment.
  • Hand safety tools are crucial to the implementation of hands-free and hands-off policies.
  • Creates a buffer zone of safety, where workers can guide, maneuver, and spot suspended loads while avoiding pinch points and crush points.
  • The Stiffy Hand Safety Tool™ gives operators a way to mitigate risk by equipping and training workers to not place themselves in danger by working in unsafe proximity to hazardous suspended loads.
  • Handmade in America


The SHT 2 hand tool is enhanced with a carbon fiber sleeve on the neck where the tooling head is mounted. The results are a significant increase in the tool’s strength.

If someone breaks a Stiffy Hand Tool using it properly, that usually means a potential injury was prevented.



  • Drilling platforms: offshore and onshore, loading and unloading OTR trucks
  • “Hands-Free” guiding, spotting, and landing suspended loads
  • Maneuvering drill pipe and all types of tubular on pipe racks or on the platform
  • Snagging taglines and sling legs



Load testing: Static Pull = 400 lbs. Compression = 600 lbs.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 72 × 2 × 2 in