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Stiffy NST 60″ New Snare Tool



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  • Length: 60″
  • Capacity: 2.5″ – 21″
  • Non kinking polyurethane cable
  • Over 600 lb pull capacity
  • Designed for industrial use
  • Built with non corrosive materials
  • No springs

Operating Instructions

Using tool with closed loop

1. Slide polyurethane cable over end of load
2. Grip slide handle
3. Depress slide lock button
4. Slide grip towards butt cap to tighten polyurethane tube to load
5. Guide load to desired location
6. Depress slide lock button and slide grip forward towards load, to release polyurethane cable
7. Slide polyurethane cable off end of load

Releasing polyurethane cable

1. Grab slide handle press slide lock button, slide handle forward to release tension on cable
2. Pivot release knob locking lever, depress and turn release knob clockwise
3. Press release and pull back on tool, cable will release from head

Re-inserting polyurethane cable

1. Grab slide handle, press slide lock button and slide handle to top of shaft
2. Insert polyurethane cable into tool head, (marked on side of tool head). Push in until it clicks, depress and turn counter clockwise to locked position, pivot release knob locking lever down towards release knob
3. Tool is now ready to work

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