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QTFKERG – Quick Tether Field Kit


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Ergodyne Quick Tether Field Kit

LHR offers a new kit to enable the instant tethering of any item under 10lbs in weight.

Utilizing self-fusing tape, the Quick Tether Field Kit is cleverly designed to help:

  • Prevent dropped objects by quickly transforming any light-weight item into a tethered object.
  • Enable user freedom and maintain product functionality while safely controlling the item, preventing it from becoming a dropped object.

The Quick Tether Field Kit Includes:

  • 2 rolls of self-fusing tape
  • 2 Tool-Spider tethers
  • 24 D-Rings
  • 1 insulated carrying case

NOTE: An item that is field tethered should only be used ONCE. At the conclusion of the task for which the tethering is being utilized, the tape must be cut off and discarded. The item should then be re-tethered before its next use.