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Gearench ZT3:1.875T PETOL SURGRIP Torque Wrench Head


SKU: ZT3:1.875T

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PETOL SURGRIP TORQUE WRENCHES: Exact Measurement for Pump Parts

PETOL SURGRIP TORQUE WRENCHES provide precise ft.-lbs. torque measurement for pump part assembly. Each wrench is meticulously bored to grip a specific O.D. through friction alone, ensuring no surface damage during use.

These versatile wrenches feature the signature PETOL SURGRIP Friction Tong characteristics. They seamlessly work with any 1/2″ or 3/4″ drive “click-type” torque wrench handle, offering flexibility in torque applications.

When making up pump parts, these PETOL wrenches guarantee accuracy. The bored design ensures a secure grip without surface damage, making them an ideal torque wrench head for various applications. Trust in the PETOL Surgrip legacy for precision in every torque task.


  • O.D.: 1.875″
  • Gripping Width: 2.50″
  • Weight: 10-1/2 lbs.


How it works:


3/4″ drive torque wrench handle fits directly into torque wrench head.


An adaptor is required when using a 1/2

An adaptor is required when using a 1/2″ drive torque wrench handle.


Note: Wrench head, adaptor and torque wrench handle must be ordered separately.

Additional information

Weight 10.5 lbs