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BESTOLIFE CBLF-HT Copper Based Drilling Compound

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Drilling Compound – Copper Based

BESTOLIFE Cal Bronze Lead Free High Temp (CBLF-HT) is a lead-free, zinc-free compound for rotary-shouldered connections. It provides galling and seizing protection and support for high bearing stress. CBLF-HT applies easily in a wide range of temperatures and conditions, is resistant to washout, and will not harden or bleed excessively in storage.

High temperature compound for drill collars and drill pipe. Recommended for all drilling applications (rotary-shouldered connections) including high temperature environments. It is also effective for use on open gear jack-up legs.

Color: Dark Copper
Penetration: 300-320 (ASTM D 217)
Weight/Gallon: 10.2 pounds/gallon
Dropping Point: 500°F/260°C (typ)
Flash Point: 385°F/196°C (min)
Brushable To: 15°F/-9°C
Friction Factor: 1.1 (per API RP 7A1)*
Contains: Copper fake, synthetic and amorphous graphite, and other nonmetallic additives

3 1/2 gallon: 35 pounds plastic container weight
5 gallon: 50 pounds plastic container weight



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