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BESTOLIFE 613352 API Modified

Part Number: 613352

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BESTOLIFE® API Modified is a high temperature, high-pressure thread compound for casing, tubing, and line pipe. It meets or exceeds API RP 5A3. This superior metallic compound stops corrosion and will not harden, dry out, evaporate, or oxidize.

High-pressure thread compound for casing, tubing, and line pipe.

BESTOLIFE® API Modified meets or exceeds the performance requirements and objectives outlined in API RP 5A3. The use of this superior thread compound protects against connection galling during makeup and breakout, prevents leakage at temperatures in excess of 300° F, and withstands pressure to 10,000 psi. BESTOLIFE® API Modified resists water absorption, resists disintegration and volume changes, and will not harden, dry out, evaporate or oxidize. It contains H2S, oxidation and corrosion inhibitors to resist pitting and discoloration of threaded surfaces during field use and storage. BESTOLIFE® API Modified conforms to evaporation, gas evolution, oil separation, water leaching, copper corrosion, and cold application at 19.4°F (-7°C).

Color: Dark Copper
Penetration: (ASTM D217) 310-330
NLGI Grade: 1
Weight/Gallon: 15.8 pounds/gallon
Thickener: Lithium
Fluid Type: Petroleum
Particle Size: <300 microns
Dropping Point: (ASTM D2265) ≥350°F (≥177°C)
Flash Point: ≥392°F (≥200°C)
Service Rating: 500°F (260°C)
Friction Factor: 1.0*
Shelf Life: (Unopened container) 4 years
Contains: Powdered graphite, lead powder, zinc dust, copper flake
Container Size: 3 1/2 gallon
Container Weight: 50 pounds metal

613357 3 1/2 gallon 50 pounds metal IMDG
613361 3 1/2 gallon 50 pounds metal IATA


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Weight 50 lbs