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Aqua Lube Tilt & Trim Fluid

Part Number: TL-3212

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Designed and formulated for performance applications protects against lacquers, sludge and other harmful deposits. Excellent stability in the base oil stock. Has extra oxidation inhibitors. Minimizes chatter in tilting operation and is especially effective for smooth quiet operation at all speeds. Has a fast circulation during cold weather and maintains a excellent lubricating body in hot temperatures. It is formulated from the finest hydroprocessed base stocks available and fortified with friction control, antifoam, corrosion additives that make Aqua Lube Title & Trim Fluid one of the finest products on the market.


Aqua Lube

Aqua Lube Lubricants are manufactured from 100% paraffin base crude. Paraffin base crudes are acknowledged to be superior in natural lubricating properties, especially in their ability to withstand high temperatures.