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Aqua Lube Outboard Engine Oil

Part Number: ALO-241

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Aqua Lube Outboard Engine Oil is a fully qualified, high flash, ashless two-cycle engine oil. Formulated with highly refined, high viscosity index base stocks fortified with select additives it provide superior protection in all water cooled outboard engines. Superior lubricating properties help prevent ring scuffing, wear and corrosion. High detergent and ashless additives keep pistons, heads and ports free from deposits. Friction modifiers protect connecting rod and crank shaft bearings. Aqua Lube Outboard Engine Oil has been formulated for superior performance in bot variable ratio oil injection engines and engines requiring pre-mixing of oil and gasoline. Aqua Lube is pre-diluted to enhance fuel/oil miscibility and may be used in other two-cycle engines, such as snowmobiles, snowblowers, lawn blowers, motorcycles, ice augers, and chainsaws requiring TC-W, TC-WII and TC-W3. Aqua Lube Outboard Engine Oil is formulated to exceed NMMA requirements for TC-W, TC-WII and TC-W3.


Aqua Lube

Aqua Lube Lubricants are manufactured from 100% paraffin base crude. Paraffin base crudes are acknowledged to be superior in natural lubricating properties, especially in their ability to withstand high temperatures.