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3M™ Large Silicone First Responder Full Facepiece Respirator With FR-C2A1 Or FR-64 Cartridge

Part Number: 70070890721

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3M™ Large Size 6 Point Full Facepiece Respirator is made of silicone to have excellent fit testing results and features a second skin that is made of optional butyl rubber to protect the face piece. Face-piece respirator covers the head and neck and can be easily donned to have additional protection against chemical agents. It has an integral drinking device that permits the user to replenish fluids without having to remove the face piece. It comes with dual eyepiece format that permits the respirator to easily interface with optics and meets MIL-SPEC-C-51251 standards.


This system provides security, safety and comfort for the user
A drinking tube can be used without removing the facepiece
The cartridge can be mounted on either side of the facepiece
Facepiece is NIOSH-approved with either the FR-C2A1 (TC-84A-3281) or the FR-64 (TC-84A-3717) cartridges
The facepiece is made of a soft, conformable silicone material with a single flanged edge for a secure seal
An optional butyl rubber second skin fits easily over the facepiece to help protect it from chemicals
An optional butyl rubber coated nylon hood covers head and neck to help provide skin protection from many chemical agents
Eyepiece outserts (clear or gray) protect the primary lenses against scratches/damage thereby prolonging the life of the facepiece


Law enforcement agencies
Security personnel
Medical personnel
Fire department response teams
Hazmat teams
Emergency medical technicians (EMTs)
Domestic preparedness personnel
Military personnel



3M is known in the market for their innovative, leading-edge design, advanced optics and lens coatings, unique functionality safety glasses.