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3M™ F976 Filtrete™ Commercial HVAC Mini-Pleated Filter

Part Number: 70070818045

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3M™ Filtrete™ Commercial HVAC Filter MERV A12 sized 24″ X 24″ X 2″ features a tough construction which lowers the chance of filter damage during handling and installation. Mini-pleat filter with gasket helps prevent air-bypass and keeps coils clean. The system filtration efficiency is decided by the filter and the frame with integrated gaskets, minimizes bypass around/between filters which is common in damaged or misaligned air handling racks. Potential reduction in electrical energy consumption is due to the low pressure drop of the Filtrete™ commercial HVAC filter which results from the innovative, open filtration media structure, precision pleat structure and a high surface area mini-pleat design. HVAC Filter consumes lesser storage space compared to many competitors’ filters of same efficiency resulting from the high performance 2″ mini-pleat filter format.


Industry leading low pressure drop
Long filter life
Proprietary factory installed gaskets for consistent reduction of air bypass
Reduced labor hours due to the innovative slip-rib frame design
Significant energy value and low ash content resulting from 100% incinerable components of the filter

Product Attributes

Safety Product Type
» Filter

Respirator Series
» Filtrete™



3M is known in the market for their innovative, leading-edge design, advanced optics and lens coatings, unique functionality safety glasses.