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11-02226 – DAVID CLARK H10-76 HEADSET

Part Number: 11-02226

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The standard headset of all U.S. Armed Forces, NATO and most airborne command centers. Designed for use with low impedance systems. Certified Noise Reduction Rating (NRR): 24dB.

Undercut Comfort-Gel Ear Seal for Improved Comfort.
Low Impedance
Most popular noise attenuating headset ever produced for use with military radios.
Standard headset of the U.S. Air Force, NATO and most airborne command centers.
AWAC’s, under command of NATO and the United States, use the H10-76 both in the cockpit and the communication operations.
Headset of choice of M.A.T.S. pilots.
Also used in ground support operations.
Coiled cord terminates into a U-174/U plug.


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