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07-00788 – T-100 Slick Magneto Assembly And Timing Kit

Part Number: '700788

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T-100 Assembly & Timing Kit for field-repairable
Slick 4300/6300 Series Magnetos.

This kit comes with (1) each of the following:

  • T-101 (Bearing Assy Plug)
  • T-102 (Rotor & Frame Assy Plug)
  • T-103 (Oil Seal Assy Plug)
  • T-106 (Impulse Puller)
  • T-117 (Base Adapter Plate)
  • T-118 (Timing Pin)
  • T-119 (Bushing)
  • T-121 (Bearing Puller – 2 Halves)
  • T-122 (Coil Wedge Puller)
  • T-123 (Timing Plug)
  • T-125 (Assy Fixture) (NLA 8-26-2010 MLC)
  • T-150 (“E-Gap” Gauge)
  • T-151 (Cam and Rotor Set)
  • T-152 (Spacer)
  • T-153 (Cam and Rotor Set)



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