The Ball Valve


The stainless steel ball valve is a relatively new invention, but its roots go way back to the 1950s, when this most vital of components became available for purchasing and procurement by companies. This particular invention has changed the way we manage oil procurement and oil management, and it has a big part to play in how we manage the future of such work in oil as well as other resources that we are going to mine and draw upon for the energy needs of our planet.

The aspects of ball valves that make them useful

The main thing that makes the humble ball valve such a useful prospect in your work is the low flow resistance. No matter if the valve is open at full aspect or partially open, the flow resistance is minimal so you are able to gain a good and efficient piece of equipment.

When part of an automated system, the ball valve is at its best. This is because it is very easy to open and close due to the 90-degree opening system. The low rate of opening when it comes to time usage makes it ideal for a fully automated system that needs time to not be a factor when it comes to results.

When you look at the sealing involved in a ball valve, it is easy to see why they are so trusted. This is because most of the sealing itself is made up of a very versatile material, namely PTFE. This is very adaptable and allows for a lot of efficiency within the usage framework of the ball valve. You don’t have to worry about the machining precision involved in the process when you have a ball valve with this covering being a feature.

Another big aspect of a ball valve that makes it a real winner for procurement teams everywhere is the fact that it does not need the same levels of lubrication as other pieces of equipment might. This cuts down on time wastage and on materials wastage, and allows you to have something working for you that doesn’t need much maintenance. This is a key aspect of the ball valve, and is one of the reasons why procurement specialists have been especially pleased to see its introduction into all aspects of oil exploration, for example.

The ball valve has another specialty that makes it very attractive. High extremes of temperature and pressure do not matter to this piece of equipment. It is easily able to handle extremes such as these, which makes it very practical when used in various parts of the world on rigs and so on.

The humble ball valve may seem a little bit innocuous, but it does have some incredible aspects regarding usage that make it one of the most versatile and practical pieces of equipment that one can use in any oil exploration and management situation. It is tough, durable, and resistant to much of the wear and tear and ravages of equipment that are part and parcel of what engineers and workers have to face with their equipment.

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