What Are The Kinds of Bearing and Their Uses?


Generally speaking, bearing is a device or a machine element that is widely used to support other moving machine elements to enable rotational movement. It enables the machines to carry remarkable loads with ease and offer high reliability and durability.

Bearings are the most important part of every machine that facilitate devices to roll while reducing friction and handling stress. This is used to enhance the speed and efficiency, both in rotary and linear fashion. To protect bearings from corrosion, lubricant must be present. It not only helps to reduce the friction but also maximize the performance of bearings. The ball inside the bearings carries the weight of the load.

There are various kinds of bearings that are especially designed to handle radial load, thrust load or a combination of two. Numbers of bearings with particular characteristics are classified as ball bearings, cylindrical bearings, Tapered Roller Bearings and Spherical Roller bearing. All these bearings have different advantages and working procedure. Bearings are designed specifically to support both thrust and radical loads to provide accurate performance.

In wide number of industries, bearings are providing impeccable solutions. These are used in various applications such as Plain bearings are used to rub surfaces with lubricants, ball bearing is used to prevent or minimize rubbing and it works on moderate to high speed and in the last ball thrust bearing is used to support the seats. Depending upon their usability, these bearings are used in wide range of applications.

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