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Keystone Drill Pipe Elevators

Keystone Square Shoulder Elevators

Keystone A Series square shoulder elevators come in two types, “TMA” 100-ton, and “MRA” 175-ton and cover pipe sizes 2 3/8” – 5 1/2”.

TMA 100-ton
MRA 175-ton

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Keystone Bottleneck Elevators

Keystone G Series bottleneck elevators come in four types, “MG” 100-ton, “RG” 150-ton, “MGG” 250-ton, “GG” 350-ton, and the “HGG” 500-ton and cover pipe sizes from 2 3/8” – 6 5/8”. The “MGG”, “GG”, and “HGG” models can be fitted with a special wear bushing in the bottom to help reduce bore wear when used with Top Drive systems.

RG 150-ton
MGG 250-ton
GG 350-ton
HGG 500 ton

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Keystone Slip Type Elevators

Keystone Y Series slip type elevators come in four types, the 40-ton “MYT”, 75-ton “YT”, 150-ton “HYT”, and the 75-ton “YC”. Tubular sizes covered are from “3/4″ – 7”. All slip backs and die slots on Keystone slips are precision machined to insure proper grip and to prevent bottlenecking or slip cuts to the pipe.

LYT (20 Ton)
MYT (40 Ton)
YT (75 Ton)
HYT (150 Ton)
HYT-SS (150 Ton)
HYC (200 Ton)
HYC- XR (200 Ton)
MYC (200 Ton)
YC (75 Ton)

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Keystone Slim Hole Slips For Slip Type Elevators

Keystone Y Series slim hole slips come in three types, the 40-ton “SH-MYT”, 75-ton “SH-YT”, 150-ton “SH-HYT”.

SH-MYT 40-ton Slim Hole Slip
SH-YT 75-ton Slim Hole Slip
SH-HYT 150-ton Slim Hole slip

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Keystone Side Door Elevators

Keystone SLX side door elevators are rated at 65, 150, and 250-tons and come in sizes from 3 ½” – 22 5/8”. The ears on the 150 and 250-ton are designed so the elevator can rotate freely in the bails when used for picking up or laying down pipe.

SLX 65-ton
SLX 150-ton
SLX 250-ton
SLX 350-ton

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Keystone Single Joint Elevators

Keystone SJ series single joint elevator is rated for 7.5 tons. The elevator can be bored to accommodate 18 degree tapered drill-pipe or square-shoulder casing and tubing.

SJ 7.5-ton

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