The Oilrig Supply Chain


The job involved in getting oil to the consumer is not a simple one, and there are many aspects of this particular supply chain that make it one of the more complex ones in business today. In deeply investigating all of the aspects of the oilrig supply chain, each business involved will be able to make better, more educated decisions on who to work with and how to deal with the issues that may arise.

First of all, and perhaps at the very beginning of everything to do with oil, geologists get involved. Their job is to begin exploring the earth to find other rich sources of resources that can be used to make oil. This obviously takes time and some expertise to get right. There are not that many rich sources these days, and the geologists have to track instances throughout the planet to find one that would best suit the needs of the supply chain. It is of course when the oil is found that the oilrig gets to work and takes it’s own part in the supply chain.

Once the source has been found, the oilrig and all of the machinery on it has to take a front seat and start to drill and extract the oil from the source. This oil is taken from the earth crust using a process that involves both drilling and pumping, and therefore many complex pieces of machinery and parts are needed for this aspect of the chain.

Once the oil has been extracted, it has to be transported to an oil refinery. This is where the work goes into extracting the elements that people use on a daily basis in their lives. Petrol and diesel are extracted from the other raw materials, so that the consumer can take advantage. The process used to extract the materials that make petrol and diesel is called fractional distillation, and it is a very complex process that has to be done correctly and effectively in order to ensure a quality end product.

Once the distillation has taken place and the petrol and diesel have been extracted, they still need a little more work to get them out to the customers. This is an important part of the job because the distribution part of the supply chain is something that has a major role to play in the smooth running of the planet and its entire transportation infrastructure.

The new fuel is taken to distribution centers before it is then sent to garages and gas stations for consumers to buy so that they can feed it into their vehicles. This is the end result of the oil supply chain. It is fascinating to think that the stuff that is put into people’s cars is the same stuff that has been extracted from the earth’s core. The hard work that went into distilling the substance also helps us to understand that making common everyday fuel is an extremely complex and involving process. The supply chain is a big part of our understanding of that process and how it can be refined further for the future.

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