Petol Gearench Vises

Petol Surgrip Friction Vise

Petol Surgrip friction vises are engineered to enable field and workshop personnel to assemble delicate tools without damaging their surfaces. The non-crushing and non-marring features of this friction vise make it ideal for use in workshops that manufacture or repair tools with delicate parts such as oil field subsurface pumps. Although the Petol Surgrip friction vise comes in two sizes, it can be fitted with adaptor bushings to make it suitable for tools with smaller diameters.

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Petol Tongvise

The Petol Tongvise is specially engineered for use in workshop operations that demand a heavy-duty vise. The design and construction of this vise make it suitable for a wide range of applications in machine shops, pipe yards, and downhole tool shops. The design of the Petol Tongvise makes it easy for workshop operators to adjust it to various tool sizes. In addition, the Petol vise is not susceptible to jamming and has a self-tightening feature that strengthens the grip as the applied torque increases.