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PETOL Tongvise

PETOL TONGVISES are designed for heavy-duty breakout or makeup operations. The Tongvise takes the place of several vises used in pipe yards, machine shops, downhole tool shops and on offshore drilling platforms.

PETOL Tongvises have the unique feature of being easily adjusted to various pipe sizes by simply sliding the heat-treated PETOL Special chain through the jaw of the vise and engaging the pawl. The pawl is locked in position by the pawl latch. Regardless of the load being applied these vises will not jam.

The vise is quickly adjusted to fit any O.D. within its capacity, and incorporates a self-tightening feature which increases the grip as the torque increases. The Tongvise is equipped with replaceable high-speed steel PETOL Diamond Point Inserts for minimum marring of pipe surfaces.

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PETOL Tongvise
Catalog No. O.D. Gripping Width Weight Maximum Working Load
TVA115H 2" - 8" 5.25" 44 lbs. 14,000 ft.-lbs.
TVA116 4" - 14" 7.00" 110 lbs. 38,500 ft.-lbs.
TVA116H 4" - 14" 7.25" 134 lbs. 50,000 ft.-lbs.
TVA118 4" - 24" 9.00" 241 lbs. 90,000 ft.-lbs.
TVA120 6" - 24" 12.63" 241 lbs. 235,000 ft.-lbs.
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