Petol Gearench Friction Tongs

Petol friction tongs are engineered to deliver exceptional performance and are ideal for a wide range of applications and industries. Petol friction tongs come in three models: Petol Surgrip friction tongs, Petol friction tongs (chain style), and Petol Surgrip torque wrench. Petol friction vises are available in two types: Petol Surgrip friction vise and Petol hydraulic friction breakout unit.

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Petol Surgrip Friction Tongs

PETOL SURGRIP Friction Tongs

Petol Surgrip friction tongs are specially designed and constructed to enable field and machine shop operators to create and break out connections without damaging barrels or rod surfaces. The precision-machined jaws of the Petol Surgrip friction tongs are optimized to provide a strong friction gripping force. In addition, this tool is constructed from high-quality steel and all its pieces are heat-treated to deliver the performance and durability demanded by today’s industries.

Petol Friction Tongs (With Chain)

Petol friction tongs with chain come in a variety of sizes and are specially engineered to enable operators to hold and turn delicate tools without damaging them. The design of these friction tongs ensures perfect ratcheting and allows field and workshop personnel to apply or remove them with ease. Unlike ordinary tongs, Petol friction tongs with chain have no teeth or bits that can mar the surfaces of tools.

Petol Surgrip Torque Wrench


Petol Surgrip torque wrenches are specially designed for applying torque on tools and they are ideal for making up pump parts. The special design and construction of this wrench make it ideal for delicate tools that can be damaged by ordinary wrenches. The Petol Surgrip torque wrench consists of a Petol Surgrip friction tong, an adaptor, and a torque wrench handle and is compatible with a variety of 1/2" or 3/4" torque wrench handles.

Petol Hydraulic Friction Breakout Unit

Petol hydraulic friction breakout unit is designed and constructed to enable machine shop operators to make up or break out connections conveniently and without marring the surfaces of delicate tools. This unit is equipped with an electric motor that powers it and a pressure gauge for measuring the applied torque. In addition, the Petol hydraulic friction breakout unit features a pressure relief valve that allows workshop operators to set the working pressure with ease. These hydraulic friction breakout units have maximum working loads of between 500 ft.-lbs. and 5,000 ft.-lbs depending on the tong used.