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PETOL Hydraulic Friction Breakout Unit

PETOL Hydraulic Friction Breakout Unit

The PETOL HYDRAULIC FRICTION BREAKOUT UNIT will not mar the surface of the parts being made up and broken out.

Each Hydraulic Friction Tong and PETOL SURGRIP Vise Bushing is bored to grip a specific O.D. by friction alone.

Vise bushings are held in place by a spring loaded plunger for quick change out.

The units are powered by an electric motor and have a pressure gauge that reads out in ft.-lbs. of torque.

 For added safety, a controlled pressure relief valve allows the operator to adjust the working pressure for each job.

When the set pressure is accomplished the system stops torquing.

NOTE: Maximum working loads range from 500 ft.-lbs. to 5,000 ft.-lbs. depending on size of tong being used.

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PETOL SURGRIP FRICTION VISE and hydraulic cylinder

The PETOL SURGRIP FRICTION VISE and hydraulic cylinder will slide the entire length of the PETOL Hydraulic Pump Bench to grip different areas on the workpiece and change from the makeup to breakout position.


The PETOL HYDRAULIC FRICTION TONGS have perfect ratcheting action. A quick release pin enables the operator to quickly change out sizes.


PETOL PLATERENCHES are used with the PETOL HYDRAULIC SOCKETRENCH HANDLE to makeup and breakout parts with wrench flats.


The PETOL BENCH SADDLE offers additional support for the work piece. The height of the bench saddle is adjustable, and it can be moved the entire length of the bench.

PETOL Hydraulic Friction Breakout Unit
Catalog No. Item Description Weight
ZB1260U PETOL Hydraulic Pump Bench - 32" High 300 lbs.
UHCN-ZB-E Hydraulic Console for Pump Bench 33 lbs.
ZI1260-7 PETOL Bench Installation Kit 1 lb.