TPI E-CF Series Industrial & Commercial Ceiling Fans

TPI E-CF Series Industrial & Commercial Ceiling Fans
TPI E-CF Series Industrial & Commercial Ceiling Fans reverse
  • 120-Volt / single phase, 60HZ electrical service
  • Permanently sealed double radial ball bearing PSC AC motor provides maintenance free and quiet operation
  • Low energy consumption – high efficiency performance
  • White power coated finish on steel motor housing & downrod
  • White polymer 3-paddle blade system designed for quiet operation
  • Includes 24” stainless steel safety cable kit
  • Easy to mount to the supplied steel J-Hook connection
  • Satisfies the U.S. Department of Energy’s “Energy Guide” requirements
  • ETL Listed for USA & Canada
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Imported to TPI specifications
  • California residents see Prop 65 Warnings
E-CF Series Industrial & Commercial Ceiling Fans

For cooling effect during the hot summer months operate fan blades in the forward or counter-clockwise rotation. This provides a down draft airflow by forcing the room air towards the floor giving a wind chilled cooling effect.

During the winter months heat rises, so the fan blades should be operated in reverse position, or clockwise rotation. This provides an up draft airflow by forcing the room air towards the ceiling. This pushes the trapped warm air down and out towards the perimeter of the room. Thus providing better distribution of heat without the chilling effect.

TPI Corporation presents our new energy saving Industrial Ceiling Fan Series. We are providing three models with the most cost-effective way to move large volumes of air in any indoor building, and even outdoor areas to meet your application needs.

Two units are offered in 56” or 60” overall diameter with a moisture resistant motor; see E-CF Series. These units are direct wired, and can be used indoors or protected outdoor environments. They contain forward/reverse switch for either down draft or up draft year round operation. These units are suitable for use with our solid state speed controls; KBWC- Series.

Our model E60-CF-C has a 60” diameter blade system and is approved for indoor and outdoor applications. This unit comes with a molded 3-prong cordset and wall mount speed controller, and is engineered for down draft operation only.

All three models include a 3-paddle polymer blade assembly. The blades are moisture resistant and made from ABS UV stable injection molding system for higher efficiency performance. Polymer blades are designed to operate quieter, and are much less susceptible to balancing issues such as alternative steel or aluminum blade materials.

These units have a more powerful motor allowing it to swing the heavier polymer blades to create high volume of air velocity or heat de-stratification for year round operation. Ideal for workshops, repair garages, retail stores, patios, warehouses, material handling areas, factories, and anywhere cooling and pulling trapped heat from the ceiling is needed.

E60-CFC Features:

  • 60” overall diameter
  • 24” steel downrod, 1” O.D.
  • J-Hook connector has a 3/8” O.D.
  • Corded model with molded 3-prong ground 16” long cordset
  • Speed control switch device included for wall mount installation
  • Downflow operation only
  • Meets ANSI/UL 507 testing standards
  • IP65 rated equivalent
  • Unit is suitable for use in wet locations when installed with a GFCI protected branch circuit

Model E60-CFC

E-CF Series Industrial & Commercial Ceiling Fans product image

E60-CFC Standard Model

Catalog Number

Model Number

Blade Size

Airflow / Type


Weight (lbs)




Down Draft Direct Drive



  • Model E60-CFC operates in the forward position only.

E56-CF & E60-CF Features:

  • 56” or 60” overall diameter
  • 18” steel downrod, 1” O.D.
  • J-Hook connector has a 5/16” O.D.
  • Direct 4-wire connection with 24” long lead wire, non-corded
  • Forward & reverse wiring options for downflow and upflow providing year round operation
  • Use speed control accessory; TPI Model # KBWC-15SK
  • Moisture resistant motor for damp locations for either indoor or protected outdoor applications (where the unit will not be in direct contact with rain or water)

E56-CF & E60-CF Standard Models

Catalog Number

Model Number

Fan Style Type

Blade Size


Weight (lbs)



Forward/Reverse Direct Drive




  • Models E56-CF & E60-CF operate on either Forward or Reverse.

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