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Ramfan Hazardous Location Accessories

ECX Extension Cords

ECX Extension Cords

The ATEX/IECEx certified ECX Series Power Cords from Euramco Group are designed to take a beating. Rated for Extra Hard Usage, the highly flexible H07RN-F cables are extremely high on impact, cutting, abrasion, oils, and most industrial chemicals. Their flexible jackets allow for easy installation and routing of the cable — even in extreme cold weather conditions.

ECX Power Extension Cords are terminated with IP66 connectors, which are made of industrial grade polymers for stronger durability under harsh environments. They are totally sealed against dust and moisture ingress and protected against heavy seas or powerful jets of water, which make it exceptionally resilient to extreme environmental conditions. With a variety of cable sizes and lengths, the ECX Power Extension Cords are always ready to power equipment.

Type: H07RN-F
Operating Temperature Range: 20°C To + 40°C
Color: Black

Venturi Cones

Venturi Cones

Pneumatic (compressed air) or saturated steam powered venturi cones for safe use in adverse or explosive atmospheres when used with static grounding cord. Requires minimum maintenance. Cones are crush and dent resistant. Cylindrical chamber delivers higher induction ratios and fits standard API 7 cm and 15 cm openings.

Features and Benefits:

  • Tough and durable anti-static polymer housing

Venturi cones include:

  • RV760S
  • RV760
  • RV1500

Wye Duct

This Duct Wye branch is the fitting to use when you need to branch off your 12-inch fan to two smaller size ducts. It is manufactured from the highest polymer material, to ensure lightweight, durability and chemical resistance. Its aerodynamic profile makes it the perfect fit for maximum performance while maintaining maximum airflow through the system.

With the aid of this Y-shaped tube, the two (2) ducts can be placed in the blower (on the outlet side of the equipment) to split the airflow into two separated 8-inch standard ducts, with maximum efficiency and meeting the requirements for use in Hazardous Locations.

Aircraft Fuel Tank Ventilation Kit

Aircraft Fuel Tank Ventilation Kit is designed for ventilation of aircraft to ensure that the maintenance of the aircraft fuel tank is adequate and guarantee that no toxic or flammable vapors can contaminate the work area. The explosion-proof Aircraft Fuel Tank Ventilation Kit RAMFAN complies with airline regulations.

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