Protect the Connections of Your Drilling Tools with Jetlube Kopr-Kote Oilfield


Drilling pipes, collars, and other downhole tools are usually exposed to harsh drilling conditions. In a typical drilling environment, these tools are subjected to excessive torques, severe vibrations, and other conditions that can damage connections. These conditions can result in galling, seizure, or downhole joint makeup. Jetlube Kopr-Kote Oilfield is a copper-based drilling compound that is specially formulated to protect connections. It helps to prevent:

  • Excessive makeup
  • Galling
  • Seizures

Jetlube Kopr-Kote Oilfield has a high static friction factor and is specially formulated to protect connections. Collars, pipes, and other drilling tools for use in severe drilling conditions are highly susceptible to downhole makeup and require a premium-quality drilling compound. The unique characteristics of Kopr-Kote Oilfield make it an unrivalled choice for protecting threads in rotary shouldered connections. Furthermore, this copper-based drilling compound is specially formulated to ensure easy breakout of collars, pipes, and other drilling tools.

Formulation of Jetlube Kopr-Kote

Kopr-Kote Oilfield has the following constituents:

  • Graphite
  • Copper flakes
  • Antioxidants
  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • Natural anti-wear and extreme pressure additives

The unique formulation of this compound helps to enhance the coefficient of friction on connections that are subjected to compressive forces. Kopr-Kote Oilfield is an unmatched choice for drilling applications in environments with high chances of downhole makeup.

Unlike most types of lubricants, Kopr-Kote Oilfield is produced from low pour point oil that is highly refined. This special oil ensures that the compound has impressive brushability at low temperatures. Furthermore, it gives it a superior thermal stability at high temperatures. These characteristics further make Kopr-Kote Oilfield an unparalleled choice for protecting the connections of various drilling tools.

Is Kopr-Kote environment-friendly? Kopr-Kote Oilfield is unleaded, and it is commonly regarded as one of the best drilling compound in the oil and gas industry. It is approved as a suitable compound for drilling applications by the following certification organizations:

  • Department of Transportation (DOT)
  • NSF International

Jetlube Kopr-Kote Formulations

Jetlube Kopr-Kote is available in various standard formulations. Apart from Kopr-Kote Oilfield Formulation, this copper-based compound is also available as:

  • Arctic Formulation
  • Industrial Formulation
  • Geothermal Formulation
  • Aerosol Formulation
  • Water Well Formulation

Kopr-Kote Arctic Formulation

Kopr-Kote Arctic is produced from highly refined oil and has high brushability at low temperatures and impressive thermal stability at high temperatures. The formulation of this compound enables it to resist water wash off. Moreover, this compound has superior adhesion to both dry and wet steel surfaces.

In harsh drilling environments, the probability of downhole makeup is high. The unique formulation of Kopr-Kote Arctic Compound helps to prevent excessive circumferential downhole makeup. The compound also helps to prevent standoff or deformation of connections. Moreover, Kopr-Kote Arctic maintains high stability when it is subjected to expansion, contraction, or vibration.

Kopr-Kote Aerosol Formulation

Kopr-Kote Aerosol Compound is uniquely formulated to prevent seizure, corrosion, and metal-to-metal contacts. When applied on threaded connections, this low-friction compound fills imperfections and irregularities to ensure that hardening, welding, or setting does not occur. The lubricant contains graphite, copper flakes, corrosion and rust inhibitors, and anti-oxidants.

The low shear between the particles of the Kopr-Kote Aerosol Compound helps to prevent stick-slip. This allows easy disassembly of connected tools and prevents squeezing out of threaded connections. Apart from threaded connections, this anti-seize lubricant can also be used on lathe centres, studs, flanges, autoclaves, and so on. Unlike many lubricants, Kopr-Kote Aerosol is not considered as a marine pollutant. Moreover, this low-friction compound is not affected by expansion, contraction, or vibration.

Kopr-Kote Industrial Formulation

Metal-to-metal contacts can cause seizure or corrosion in threaded connections. Jetlube Kopr-Kote Industrial is specially formulated to provide a shield that prevents seizure and corrosion from occurring. To achieve that, this anti-seize compound fills imperfections and irregularities. This property helps to prevent setting, welding, or hardening. Moreover, the special formulation of this low-friction compound allows easy disassembly of connections.

Kopr-Kote Industrial Compound offers a superior static friction factor and is capable of preventing excessive over-torque issues. This anti-seize lubricant contains graphite, copper flakes, corrosion and rust inhibitors, and anti-oxidants. Moreover, Kopr-Kote Industrial Compound is environmentally safe and is suitable for flanges, autoclaves, studs, and threaded connections.

Kopr-Kote Geothermal Formulation

Just like other Kopr-Kote formulations, this premium-quality compound is formulated to provide superior thermal stability at high temperatures and allow brushability at low temperatures. It is also formulated to resist water wash off and provide excellent adhesion to both dry and wet steel surfaces. Kopr-Kote Geothermal Formulation prevents circumferential downhole makeup, standoff, and deformation of connections. Furthermore, this unleaded compound offers a friction factor of 1.15 and conforms to API-RP7G.

Kopr-Kote Water Well Formulation

Kopr-Kote Water Well is produced from highly refined oil and is suitable for both low and high temperature applications. This premium-quality compound has a superior adhesion to steel surfaces and high resistance to water wash off. Kopr-Kote Water Well contains graphite, copper flakes, and anti-wear additives. This formulation helps to prevent downhole makeup as well as standoff and deformation.

Unlike other formulations, Kopr-Kote Water Well is optimized for water well drilling applications. It has high copper content, extreme pressure additives, and is approved by NSF. Moreover, this compound is unleaded.

Benefits of Jetlube Kopr-Kote Oilfield

  • Kopr-Kote Drill Collar and Tool Joint Formulation is formulated to provide a high coefficient of friction. This characteristic helps to prevent extreme circumferential makeup in drilling tools.
  • Kopr-Kote Oilfield offers impressive frictional properties. Unlike some types of lubricants, this copper-based compound offers repeatable frictional characteristics.
  • It has a high thermal stability. Kopr-Kote Oilfield has impressive thermal stability at high temperatures because it is produced from highly refined oil.
  • Kopr-Kote is available in various standard formulations. This premium quality compound is available as Geothermal Compound, Arctic Compound, Aerosol Compound, Industrial Compound, and Water Well Compound.
  • It is environment-friendly. Kopr-Kote Oilfield is approved by both DOT and NSF and is not considered a marine pollutant.

In case you are looking for a premium-quality drill collar and tool joint compound that can protect the connections of your tools, then you should consider Jetlube Kopr-Kote Oilfield. It contains graphite, copper flake, antioxidants, corrosion and rust inhibitors, and natural anti-wear additives. The special formulation of this copper-based compound helps to protect the connections of various drilling tools. Kopr-Kote Oilfield is suitable for a wide variety of threads, and it is recommended for drill collars, pipes, and jacking systems to name but a few.

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