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Regal Control Line Protector

The Control King

With today’s well completion and production costs, the efficiency of downhole equipment must be maximized and production interruptions minimized. Well completions using control lines, sensor lines and submersible pump cables are expensive and repairs are both costly and time consuming. Thus, careful consideration must be given to protection of these lines and cables.

The most practical and economical method of protecting lines and cables is with a REGAL Control King control line protector. Regal’s patented Control King protectors are designed to provide maximum protection while minimizing installation cost. By incorporating the field proven technology of our drill pipe protectors, REGAL offers a control line protector unmatched in quality and performance – the Control King.


There are certain unique features associated with REGAL’s Control King control line protectors. They are:

  1. Hinged Can: Regal originated the hinged can and two-piece molding of the protector. The hinge makes the REGAL Control King the most efficient to install, remove and enables it to be reused.
  2. Minimum Rubber Between Can and Pipe: Because REGAL Control King is locked into the tubing or pipe with a long, tapered pin to provide gripping force, a minimum pad of rubber is used between can and pipe. This thin pad is less inclined to creep than thick pads.
  3. Long Tapered Pin: The REGAL design allows the tapered pin to be driven through the latch mechanism, thus providing a tight, uniform load even on undersize or oversize tubing and pipe to prevent slippage.
  4. Narrow, Full Length Flutes: Flutes are designed to maximize fluid bypass and minimize mechanical drag during run-in. the REGAL Control King is molded from a high modulus, abrasion resistant material formulated to maintain tubing or pipe centralization under even the most severe conditions.
  5. Reinforced Slot Structure: The design of the REGAL Control King cage incorporates a triangularly reinforced bridge over the control line or cable slot to provide controlled clamping pressure to the control line or cable while providing a tight uniform grip on the pipe. The REGAL Control King series of control line protectors is designed to be adapted to the varying casing I.D.’s and varying control line or cable configurations. The Control King protectors can be adapted to meet your specialized applications at a minimum tooling cost. Any combination of casing I.D. and control line configuration is available.

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