Oteco Specialty Products


The Oteco connector is engineered to withstand the harsh conditions of today’s oilfields. This device has three main parts, and it is used for the same purpose as a high pressure flanged assembly. The hub element serves as a flange, the seal rings serve as the pressure gasket and the clamps play the role of flange bolts. The design and construction of the Oteco connnector makes it a suitable choice for use in environments with corrosive fluids and cryogenic temperatures. In addition, this connector is available in a wide range of sizes (1 to 12 inches) and can be assembled or disassembled within a short time.


  • Available in Standard sizes 1 inch to 12 inches and Heavy Duty sizes B to F
  • The OTECO Connector is much smaller and lighter than a standard flanged connection
  • Requires minimum assembly and disassembly time
  • The OTECO Connector is competitively priced
  • Features precisely manufactured components made from certifiable materials
  • Interchangeable with Greylock connectors

Shock Pads

Oteco shock pads are specially designed to meet the demands of offshore drilling systems. The shock pads are composed of corrosion resistant steel and specially formulated rubber. Layers of rubber are molded between layers of steel plates to form a superior shock pad. The construction of these shock pads makes them ideal for use in offshore rig jacking systems. Oteco shock pads are available in multiple sizes to meet the diverse needs of today’s drilling operations.

Mud and Oil Guards

Oteco mud guards are specially engineered to minimize loss of drilling fluids during drilling operations, and they are available in three sizes. Using Oteco mud guards also helps to prevent slippery rig floors, thus helping to maximize safety in drilling environments. While the MG-600 model is designed for drill pipes of sizes between 2-3/8 in. and 5-1/2 in, the MG-800 is designed to accommodate drill pipes of sizes between 2-3/8 in. and 6-5/8 in. The two models are available in standard and nitrile styles. The MG-500 Oteco oil guard is designed to prevent oil losses and is a lightweight version of Oteco mud guards. This oil guard is suitable for 2-1/16 in. to 3-1/2 in. drill pipes.

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