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Oteco Rig Hardware

Oteco Manifold Fittings

Oteco manifold fittings are designed to provide the performance and reliability demanded by today’s drilling operations. These fittings come in a wide range of styles and sizes. The working pressure ratings of Oteco manifold fittings range between 3,000 psi to 7,500 psi. Depending on your applications, a manifold fitting can be supplied with line pipe threads, buttweld end connection, or Schedule XX. To ensure high reliability, each of Oteco manifold fitting is hydrostatically tested before it is shipped to a customer.


45⁰ Long Sweep Ells
90⁰ Long Sweep Ells
90⁰ Long Sweep Ells with 2 in. outlet
160⁰ Standpipe Gooseneck
160⁰ Standpipe Gooseneck with top outlet
180⁰ Standpipe Gooseneck
Long Sweep Full Flow Cross
Long Sweep Full Flow Tee
Long Sweep Tee
Long Sweep Y

Oteco Wireline Equipment

Oteco provides the oil and gas industry with high quality wireline turnback assemblies, guide units and guide hanging assemblies. These assemblies and components are designed and constructed to deliver high performance and withstand harsh drilling conditions. Oteco wireline equipment and parts are suitable for different types of drilling derricks. Apart from assemblies, Oteco also offers various replacement parts for wireline assemblies.

Oteco Mud and Oil Guards

Oteco mud guards are specially engineered to minimize loss of drilling fluids during drilling operations, and they are available in three sizes. Using Oteco mud guards also helps to prevent slippery rig floors, thus helping to maximize safety in drilling environments. While the MG-600 model is designed for drill pipes of sizes between 2-3/8 in. and 5-1/2 in, the MG-800 is designed to accommodate drill pipes of sizes between 2-3/8 in. and 6-5/8 in. The two models are available in standard and nitrile styles. The MG-500 Oteco oil guard is designed to prevent oil losses and is a lightweight version of Oteco mud guards. This oil guard is suitable for 2-1/16 in. to 3-1/2 in. drill pipes.

Oteco Box Wrenches

Oteco box wrenches are specially designed to deliver the performance demanded by today’s industries. They are designed to fit nuts and studs of sizes between 5/8 inch and 2-1/2 inch. In addition, these 6 point box wrenches have straight handles. The design and construction of these Oteco rig wrenches make them ideal for a wide range of rig applications.

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