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Oteco Pressure Relief Valves

OTECO Pressure Relief Valves (PRVs)

The Oteco pressure relief valve is constructed with hardened stainless steel to deliver higher corrosion resistance, reliability and longer operational life. It is specially designed to protect costly devices such as manifolds and slush pumps from overpressures. This relief valve employs shear pins to prevent build-up of pressure that can damage devices during operations.

In addition, this relief valve features an easy-to-remove safety cover thus allowing quick replacement of shear pins. The 2 inch Oteco relief valve provides +/- 10% accuracy and is available in low pressure, standard pressure and high pressure models. Unlike 2 inch relief valves, 3 inch devices are designed for high pressure applications.

OTECO PRV Features

A metal chart is installed on every valve detailing shear pin selection specifications
Hardened stainless steel stems and liner subs provide corrosion resistance
PRV relief valve parts are interchangeable with Cameron style shear relief valve parts +/- 10% Accuracy
Major & Minor repair kits as well as individual parts available

OTECO Reset Relief Valves (RRV)

Oteco reset relief valves are designed to ensure that expensive devices such as mud manifolds and slush pumps are properly protected from overpressures. This relief valve is engineered to snap automatically when the set pressure is exceeded. The device also features a manual release button that allows manual operation. The design of this Oteco pressure relief valve allows one to adjust the pressure setting by turning a nut.

In addition, this Oteco relief valve is optimized to deliver the high levels of safety demanded by today’s industries.

OTECO RRV Features

Release pressure setting is not affected by vibration during operation
Utilizes stainless steel piston and cadmium-plated sub for improved corrosion resistance
Does not require shear pins
Fully enclosed bonnet assembly retains grease coating on moving parts extending service life
Bonnet assembly is interchangeable with Cameron Type ‘A’ and Type ‘B’ reset relief valves +/- 5% Accuracy
Major & Minor repair kits as well as individual parts available

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