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BESTOLIFE® 2010 NM Ultra is a non metallic thread compound for casing, tubing, and line pipe connections. It delivers optimum performance in all types of conditions and wells.


Premium non metallic alternative to API for casing, tubing, and line pipe in cold, wet conditions.


2010 NM Ultra was developed to address the environmental concerns and costs related to the use of thread compounds for casing, tubing, and line pipe connections that contain high percentages of metals, such as lead, copper and zinc. The improvement of proven industry standard BESTOLIFE® 2000® and 2000® NM with enhanced low-temperature application/adherence properties has resulted in formulations designed for use in the coldest, wettest operating conditions, like those found in the North Sea, Nova Scotia/Newfoundland and the South Atlantic.

2010 NM Ultra, the non-metal alternative to API Modified, conforms with API RP 5A3. 2010 NM Ultra meets or exceeds the listed performance objectives in API RP 5A3. It is suitable for use with premium, self-sealing connections. The major solid components of 2010 NM Ultra are an innovative combination of non metallic materials that are inert to chemical attack, such as occurs in sour gas environments and with CO2 injection, and stable to temperatures in excess of 400º F/204º C.

2010 NM Ultra applies easily to cold, wet connections exposed to seawater in ambient temperatures as low as -45º C/49º F and yet delivers optimum performance in all types of wells. The grease in 2010 NM Ultra will provide lubrication and protection to 400º F/204ºC. 2010 NM Ultra exceeds 2,000 hours in ASTM B117 salt spray corrosion test, and conforms to API RP 5A3 evaporation, gas evolution, oil separation, water leaching, and cold application at 19.4°F (-7°C) requirements.


A safety data sheet is available from the manufacturer. Do not use on oxygen lines or in oxygen enriched atmospheres.


6162182 gallon18 pounds plastic
6162303 1/2 gallon30 pounds plastic
6162455 gallon45 pounds plastic

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