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BESTOLIFE 3010 Ultra



BESTOLIFE® 3010® Ultra is a non metallic thread compound for rotary-shouldered connections and is effective for jack up systems. Heavy metal free for environmental concerns, the compound excels in low temperature and high temperature environments. 3010® Ultra prevents galling and seizing, forming a gasket-like seal in a rotary connection for maximum protection in rough conditions.


Non metallic, non conductive compound for rotary shouldered connections in cold, wet conditions. Recommended for all drilling applications including high temperature environments.


Like compounds that contain lead, zinc, and copper, 3010® Ultra has the ability to prevent galling of contact surfaces (including non-magnetic materials) under high bearing loads and to form a continuous gasket between the shoulders of a rotary connection during make-up.This is achieved through the innovative combination of a variety of amorphous and synthetic graphite based materials, as first used in 3000®, interacting to form a seal when compressed between the shoulders during makeup to provide performance properties equal to the very best heavy metal compounds.

  • Meets the current OSPAR Commission Harmonised Mandatory Control Scheme (HOCNF) regulations for the protection of the marine environment of the North-East Atlantic/North Sea.
  • Registered in the UK/Netherlands as an OCNS Group E Chemical and in Norway as a Colour Category Yellow Pipe Dope.
  • Registered in the Danish Produktregistret with PRNo. (Product Registration Number) 1367040.
  • Contains biodegradable greases and synthetic lubricating fluids


A safety data sheet is available from the manufacturer. Do not use on oxygen lines or in oxygen enriched atmospheres.


6569353 1/2 gallon35 pounds plastic
6569505 gallon50 pounds plastic

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