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BESTOLIFE Copr Plus Pumpable

BESTOLIFE 635751 Copr Plus Pumpable Part Number: 635751


BESTOLIFE® Copr Plus Pumpable is a non-lead, non-zinc thread compound for rotary-shouldered connections, developed for applications with automatic units. Copr Plus Pumpable provides galling and seizing protection for all types of wells under any environmental condition.


Pumpable multipurpose thread compound for rotary-shouldered connections. Recommended for all drilling applications (rotary-shouldered connections).


Copr Plus Pumpable was developed to handle low temperature application and adherence problems on rotary-shouldered connections. Copr Plus Pumpable is a non-lead, non-zinc compound designed for all types of drilling applications. Copr Plus Pumpable has a torque correction factor of 1.1 (10% additional torque required), which will provide additional resistance to downhole make up as compared to lead (API Modified) or zinc compounds. Copr Plus Pumpable applies easily to cold wet connections exposed to seawater in ambient temperatures as low as -49°F/-45°C and yet delivers optimum performance in all types of wells. The grease in Copr Plus Pumpable will provide lubrication and protection to 400°F/204°C and the solids will protect to 1000°F/538°C.


6357111 gallon10 pounds plastic
6357212 gallon20 pounds plastic
6357515 gallon50 pounds plastic

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