Petol Gearench Hammer Wrenches

Petol Gearench Hammer wrenches are designed to deliver the performance demanded in today’s workshops. These wrenches come in three models: Petol striking wrench, Petol striking face box wrench, and Petol Hammertight wrench retainer.

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Petol Striking Wrench

The Petol striking wrench is specially designed to enable field and workshop operators to work on flange connections safely and easily. This striking wrench offers a large striking surface and delivers incredible handle strength. To deliver the strength and durability required in industries, the Petol striking wrench is forged from heat-treated alloy steel.

Petol Striking Face Box Wrench

The Petol striking face box wrench is designed for the toughest jobs and is ideal for use in a wide range of industries. This wrench is made from drop-forged alloy steel that is coated with black oxide to prevent rusting. The Petol striking face box wrench has a 12 point opening and is available in a variety of sizes.

Petol Hammertight Wrench Retainer

The Petol Hammertight wrench retainer is specially engineered to enable a workshop operator to safely hold a wrench on a nut. This easy-to-use wrench retainer ensures safe and hands-free operation and is ideal for use in a broad array of industries. The Petol Hammertight wrench retainer is made from black oxide coated steel and is suitable for use with both straight and offset wrenches.