Gearench Chain Tongs

Petol Gearench chain tongs are specially designed to deliver the performance demanded by today’s industries.

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Petol-Titan Chain Tongs

Petol-Titan chain tongs are designed to deliver the service demanded by today’s industries.

The jaws of the Petol-Titan chain tongs are drop-forged from hardened and tempered steel making them ideal for the most demanding industrial tasks.

In addition, these high-quality tongs come in different sizes and feature Petol special chains.

Petol-Titan Reversible Chain Tongs

PETOL-TITAN Reversible Chain Tongs

Petol-Titan reversible chain tongs feature heavy-duty handles, heat-treated steel forged jaws, and Petol special chains.

The special design of the Petol-Titan reversible chain tongs allows field and workshop operators to turn tools in either direction easily and without needing to unhook the chain.

Petol Chain Tongs

PETOL Chain Tongs

Petol chain tongs are specially engineered to prevent the damage caused on tools by the crushing effect of conventional pipe wrenches and chain tongs.

 The release mechanism of the Petol chain tongs allows operators to make up or break out connections more safely and easily.

Petol Fitting Tongs

Petol Fitting Tong

Petol fitting tongs are engineered to enable field and workshop personnel to make up and break out connections safely, quickly, and easily.

 These Petol tongs feature heavy-duty handles and heat-treated Petol chains that make them ideal for tools of different diameters.