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C-PLATE provides a durable micro-thin coating of copper to machined surfaces, aiding in preventing galling during the break-in process. The micro-sized copper flakes adhere to the steel, utilizing a high-tech resin that air-cures at room temperature in 4 to 6 hours. With the addition of heat, an even stronger, more durable bond may be achieved. Once cured, C-PLATE forms a durable, acidfree, corrosion-resistant finish which may then be burnished into the steel surface during the intial work hardening of the threaded connection. The thin copper coating provides a dissimilar metal which acts to prohibit the metalto- metal contact under bearing loads which may cause galling damage to threaded connections.

For use on fresh-cut threads, flanges, screws, bolts, bushings, studs, and drill collar and drill pipe connections. Surfaces should be clean and oil-free for best results.

Not recommended for aluminum or its alloys or with oxygen service.



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