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60% BESTOLIFE LEAD BASED Drilling Compound

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Drilling Compound – Lead Based

When budget is a factor, BESTOLIFE 60% Lead Base is the compound for you. Designed for use on drill collars and drill pipe, the economical 60% Lead Base resists H2S and drilling fluids.

Economical drill collar compound.

Color: Black
Penetration: 290-310 (ASTM D 217)
Weight/Gallon: 19.6 pounds/gallon
Dropping Point: ≥350°F (≥177°C)
Flash Point: ≥392°F (≥200°C)
Brushable To: 10°F *(-12°C)
Friction Factor: 1.0 (per API RP 7A1)
Contains: 60% metallic lead and other non-metallic additives

3 1/2 gallon: 50 pounds metal container weight



For over 80 years, Bestolife has been the premiere compound manufacturer in the petroleum industry, producing the finest quality products for every situation.
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